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Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, M�xico

The Mi Casa Restaurant Group operates a collection of unique restaurants in the Los Cabos region of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Established over twenty years ago, the group operates six distinctly original restaurants including Mi Casa Cabo San Lucas, Mi Casa San Jose del Cabo, La Panga Antigua, Peacocks Restaurant, O Mole Mio and Canela Restaurant.

The diversity and character of each of our restaurants affords us the opportunity to cater to the needs of our clientele providing a wide range of services including intimate dining for couples, group dinners, corporate and social events or cocktail parties.

Our chefs pride themselves on creating menus that capture the essence of Mexican cuisine with a focus on preserving traditional recipes.

Yet, they also engage their creativity by melding contemporary cooking styles with authentic preparations and by crafting original fusion cuisine influenced by classic European culinary techniques.

Daily training programs for our servers and support staff reflect our desire to consistently provide diners with an incomparable level of service.


The design and architecture of our six restaurants reflect the diversity of Mexican art and culture encompassing a broad spectrum of styles from festive to formal � all with a decidely Mexican flair and south of the border ambience. From private rooms to lush gardens to open-air terraces� the Mi Casa Restaurant Group�s variety of dining venues affords your clients the opportunity to experience the very best of Mexican cuisine in the very best of settings.

Our restaurants are located in two distinct areas of Los Cabos; within the beautiful and historic arts district in San Jose del Cabo; and, in the cosmopolitan heart of Cabo San Lucas.

I personally invite you to come savor the flavors of Mexico.

Monserrat Vargas
Public Relations and Sales Manager

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